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SPOT has a masters in traceability. From pipe, valves and flanges to welds, bolts and fabrications, we have you covered from station to station. Traceability can be defined as the unbroken record of documentation that is used to verify the history, location, and application of assets and components. In order to standardize their expectations, PHMSA established four pillars that are foundational to the SPOT process.



Data is able to be followed on its course or to its origin.


Data is demonstrated to be true, accurate, or justified.



Data is consistently good in quality and able to be trusted.


Data is not lacking any necessary or appropriate parts


More than Tracking

SPOT is a tool originally designed to gather and store pipeline construction data for the purpose of regulatory compliance, but we didn’t stop there. We go beyond tracking to make sure you know where each asset came from, when it arrived at each stage, and who made contact along the way. Full accountability through total traceability.

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Custom Forms

The power to build anything…No, really.

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All Weather Jeepable Barcodes

Field tested and certified by third party specialists to present no impediment to holiday testing at 100 volts per mil of measured coating thickness. Boom.

*patent pending

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Touch-points is a term we use to describe designated processes that most typically involve data gathering through the use of paper or digital forms. SPOT creates a single data stream in order to simplify these processes and eliminate duplicitous work.


Details Matter

Technology is not a silver bullet. When it comes to executing, there is no replacement for making sure the right people are in the right place, following the right procedure. In fact, SPOT’s own mantra is “People, Process, Technology”; in that order. We begin each project with a meeting centered around processes and procedures to make sure the team and the customer start and stay on the same page.


Keep it Simple

At the core of SPOT’s procedural design process is a passion for the elemental. What is the simplest way to get the most accurate and abundant data? This drive toward the most fundamental process has led us to reduce, and at times even eliminate, human data entry. We shy away from overly complicated technology such as laptops, printers, and scanners. We pride ourselves on being able to teach and equip one person to do the work of what used to take three or more people to complete.


Reserve my SPOT

Nothing is more impressive than seeing the system work first hand. See, hear, and touch the tool that is reshaping the way our industry captures data in the field. We are happy to set up a preliminary web demo or a live presentation at your facility.