SPOT Barcodes


patent pending

PHMSA has expressed “no objection” to the usage of SPOT jeepable barcodes as follows -

The pipeline operator must have procedures and documentation of the following:

  • Jeepable barcodes must be installed at the coating mill after the coating has been applied, checked for holidays and repaired.

  • Any pipe joint (pups) in the field that need barcodes applied or reapplied must be inspected and any holidays repaired prior to applying any new barcodes.

  • The pipeline operator must have proof that the barcode is jeepable at a low voltage with a very small pinhole type holiday under the barcode.

  • The barcode must not be too large so as to impede or shield cathodic protection currents.

The information below outlines how SPOT’s new patent pending barcodes qualify for PHMSA’s “no objection” barcode qualification.

jeeping barcode.jpg


Capable of detecting holidays underneath the barcode at just 100 volts per mil of coating.

unnamed-2 copy.jpg


Our barcodes stand up to rain or shine and everything in between.



SPOT barcodes are pre-printed to avoid printers and all their fail points.


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Chemical Compatibility Review


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